how to attract traffic to blog instantly - drive traffic in easy ways

how to attract traffic to blog instantly – drive traffic in easy ways

How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways.

Traffic the main need for all Bloggers.Traffic is also known as Visitors in Blogging.Visitors are those people who visit our website and read articles which we publish.To know that How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways, first read some points:-

What is Traffic or Visitor and How Many type of Visitors are?

Here, Traffic does not mean Traffic Police and you are going to punish, because you break signal, jokes apart.Traffic are those people or crowd which visits on a website for information and that person is known as traffic or visitor for that person on whose website he/she visit.Every website has its own visitor, due to which Visitor are two types:-
How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways

  1.  LOYAL VISITOR: –  These are those Visitor which read our Articles daily and are connected with us to get daily updates.These visitors visit daily on our website to check new material.SO, due to this Loyalty, they are called as LOYAL VISITORS.
    Example: – You chose a website for downloading songs and whenever you want new songs, you visit that website and there are some qualities in that website, due to which we visit there again and again.
  2. UNIQUE VISITOR: – These are those visitors which are unique.It does not mean that they are ALIENS.It means, they come on our website through links or keywords and read our article, but there is no Surely that, they come again on our website.Sometimes unique visitors comes, due to reason that they did not found material which they want, on other website and where they found their material they visit there.Unique visitors also come from keywords searches on google.Due to this Uniqueness, they are called UNIQUE VISITORS.
    EXAMPLE: – You want to Know Amazing Facts.So, to know different Facts you visit many websites and read where you found easy to read.

This concludes all about visitors.May, know you understand some points about visitors.Now, Let’s start our main Topic How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways and I also mentioned tips how we can increase Unique visitors and These are Unique visitors which later becomes our Loyal Visitor when they get good material.Here starts our topic in points:-

How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways

How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways
Actually, to increase visitors is not a big issue, but to catch up your traffic is a big issue.You must have to write a good post which makes, your visitors Loyal as I mentioned above.

  • Write Attractive Content:Content is King.A content must have words more than 350.If you write a good  SEO optimised article, then your website traffic automatically increase.
  • Website Speed: – Website speed is a big factor to attract visitor to your website.If your website loads slow, then you loose visitors, because no one wants to visit the low-speed website.If your website opens in between 3-7 seconds, then traffic get attract towards your website.Check your website speed click here.



  • Sharing: – Sharing is a big platform to increase your Traffic.71% of people in the world, use Facebook.So, starting sharing on Facebook and also share on other social networking sites like- Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. by creating your accounts on social networking sites.Sharing on the social site gives you quick and huge traffic, because to get traffic from google searches may take some time.
  • Regular Work: – Write posts regularly in starting and when you will get a good traffic, then write the post on alternate days.
  • Keywords  – Use the long tail keyword in your article, because long tail keyword helps you to rank your website in google searches.You can use your article title in the keywords box.
  • Payments: – You can also increase visitors by paying money.Just like, If you have a page on Facebook, there is an option Boost Post, which takes the money and shares your article with more people on Facebook.There are many other ways due to which you get Traffic on paying money.

So, these are the tips  How to Increase Traffic on Website in Easy Ways.
I recommend you to do Hard-work and get best results without paying more money.Keep writing articles and sharing, you will see results, but, patience is necessary, because Blogging take Time and Patience, but it works.

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